With a full range scooters and equipment supplied by Micro and MGP for both adults and children, you can be sure to find well engineered, durable and serviceable scooters and accessories that will last.

Micro pride themselves upon the variety of their scooters designs, all of which come with a reinforced main body which provide the rider with maximum strength and stability.

The range of Micro scooters for children come with either two or three wheels, giving a range of choice to both riders who are just beginning and those with a little more confidence. We are also a Micro repair centre and stock a collection of parts for smaller repair work.

In addition we also stock a selected range of adult scooters, designed to help you to reduce the time taken for your shorter journeys and keep up with any younger riders.

To find more information on Micro, please click here to visit their website.

Our selection of stunt and trick scooters are provided by MGP, who remain the market leader as a result of a durable construction. It is easy to see why MGP have been selected as the scooter of choice by multiple professional athletes.

All of the selected models of scooters that we have chosen to stock come with a rigid aluminum main board, strong handlebar construction and heavy duty wheel bearings ready for regular high impact stunts.

The VX8 team model scooters that we stock are lightweight, robust and include a lengthy warranty. For more information on this model please click here to visit their website. If you would like more information on MGP models that we stock, please get in contact.

If you would like to inquire about more information on any particular model or brand please get in contact by give us a ring on 0208 642 2095 or send an email through to