Road Bikes


From your first venture to drop handlebar road bikes to those with a life-long love affair, we provide the best road bikes for everyone.

 Whether you intend to compete, gravel grind or enjoy some longer rides, we work with you to understand what type of riding you'll be doing and provide with the best machine possible.

We stock a wide range of road bikes ranging from robust, gravel specific machines to feathery light racing bicycles. All new road bikes are provided with a life time warranty which promise the rider considerable enjoyment, with a comforting peace of mind of the quality that they are receiving.

Our experienced staff, with almost a century of combined trade experience will ensure correct fit and suitable purchase tailored to each person’s requirements. In addition, we can offer a range of upgrades to modify your preferred set up to perfect your new road bike.

Across our range of new road bikes, we accept the cycle to work scheme vouchers which allows the rider to save up to 39% on the purchase of new bicycles up to £1000. Click here to learn more.


Pearson Classic Road Bike Collection


We are particular proud of our Pearson designed and manufactured Classic Road bike collection. Durable, lightweight road bikes designed for comfort and speed. Our house geometry provides a sustainable position without compromising power, while trademark details include ovalized tubing and a Pearson Rose head badge. We have 3 bikes - Titanium: Objects in Motion, Carbon: Hammer and Tongs, Carbon: Cut to the Chase

Pearson Classic Road Bike

We greatly encourage all customers to enjoy test rides and take time in their selection.

If you would like to book a test ride or inquire about any other information, please get in contact via telephone on 0208 642 2095 or send an email to