Hybrid Bikes


Choosing the right hybrid bike can greatly help your ability to enjoy cycling. Ensuring your new bicycle is comfortable and practical is key. That's why we work hard to understand your personal requirements, and where you will be riding.

We stock a range of hybrid bikes that are designed to enhance comfort – with knobbly tyres ensuring grip and suspension forks promising to smooth out rougher surfaces. This type of hybrids are best suited for bridle paths and park riding.

We also stock hybrids that are designed for road riding. With a ridged fork and durable components providing a reliable and versatile urban bike, these are perfect for both commuters and fitness fanatics.

As hybrids put the rider in a slightly more upright and comfortable position, we tend to find that hybrids tend to offer a much more relaxed introduction to cycling without putting too much strain on the new rider.

Across our range of new hybrid bikes, we accept the cycle to work scheme vouchers which allows the rider to save up to 39% on the purchase of new bicycles up to £1000. Click here to learn more.

Pearson Gravel Bike - Off Grid

Pearson Gravel Bikes


We are particular proud of our Pearson designed and manufactured Gravel bikes which have longer wheelbases, racks for heavy loads and guard mounts to keep you rolling in all conditions. Wider, thicker tyres provide improved grip and puncture-resistance. We have 3 bikes - Titanium: Summon the Blood, Carbon: Off Grid, in two colours Orange / Green and Carbon: I've started so I'll finish.

We greatly encourage all customers to enjoy test rides and take time in their selection.

If you would like to book a test ride or inquire about any other information, please get in contact via telephone on 0208 642 2095 or send an email through to frontshop@pearsoncycles.co.uk