Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are certainly here to stay. Allowing you to ride further and longer than you perhaps normally would, you can be sure to get the full riding experience with a fraction of the strain.


With modern technology and design, industry engineers have finally brought the electric bike up to standard and have cemented it's place as a firm staple within the mainstream of the cycling world.  Simply, electric bikes allow the rider to take on harder challenges and greater distances than ever before.

Through a pedal assist mechanism, powered via a Lithium-Ion Battery pack the rider is provided with quicker charging times, smooth power delivery and a range of up to 120km per charge.  It is hardly be surprising that in recent years, electric bikes have gained popularity as urban commuters and leisure bikes.

All bikes we stock come with extensive warranties upon the frame, high quality Shimano components and finishing kit. We keep a range of electric mountain and hybrid bikes in stock ready for test riding and review. Our staff have extensive personal experience with all models we have available , and can provide you with the best advice possible.

We greatly encourage all customers to enjoy test rides and take time in their selection.

If you would like to book a test ride or inquire about any other information, please get in contact via telephone on 0208 642 2095 or send an email through to frontshop@pearsoncycles.co.uk