Over 150 Years Old - Guinness World Record

With these basic but essential qualities of consistently great service, quality product and excellent aftercare we have been able to offer an unrivaled service that has lasted for five generations.

Our Sutton store provides an outstanding store concept, gaining the accolade of the ‘World’s Oldest Bicycle Business’ held by a direct line of father to son in a single family.

Since 1860 our focus upon exemplary customer service and delivering utmost quality has helped mark us as a beacon of trust within the local community, which we have been serving for over 150 years.

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Tom Pearson, a blacksmith from Cobham set up store in High Street, Sutton.

Developing as a stop-off point for horse drawn trade vehicles travelling between London and south coast ports; Sutton began to thrive as a result of business owners like Tom who brought family, expertise and a strong work ethic.



With trade progressing and Tom growing older Harry, the second youngest of the nine children took over from his father.

As the bicycle becoming an increasingly established mode of transport by the 1880’s and their maintenance rapidly becoming an establish industry, bicycle repair represented an ever growing proportion of operating trade.



Harry purchased the Sutton store from the existing owner, at a great relief to the family who had no lease or security upon the property up until then. Harry and his wife, Mary, had three children and two boys, Arthur and Len who both followed their father to run the business.



At the break of WWII, both Arthur and Len were exempt from military service as part of the home effort. Importantly ‘being of more use keeping wheels turning than in the forces’.

Bicycles and motorcycles were very efficient means of cheap transport for factory workers and public officials as the petrol shortage meant that cars were mainly for VIPs, whilst everyone else walked or cycled.



Roger took the helm of the business after having completing three years national service in REME.

Despite the opposition that he received from the 'old school' values that the previous generation held, Roger was keen to bring the store up to the standard that other retail outlets had achieved and with great success.



The shop had been modernized - now with Raleigh ‘5 Star’ status - and was capitalizing on a booming business climate introducing a wider selection of Pearson bikes in the form of handmade steel frames, Rodger diversified the range into a number of specific models - a ‘Gold Medal racer’, a full touring bike and ‘the Randonneur’, a lightweight mudguard bike.



Cycling is bigger and more important than ever and for all the right reasons - promising health, convenience, little environmental impact, sport and personal travel.

We are helping to manage this rise effectively and responsibly by continuing to foster, help and grow cycling the world over providing a service and product that remain unmatched.